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Bila anda ingin memberikan informasi ke pembaca dan pendengar atau penonton TV mengenai berita yang penting anda bisa menggunakan text News Story. Berikut contoh Text News story:
Dalam Text News Story ada bagian – bagian:
1.     Newsworthy Events (The Lead): berisi peristiwa / kejadian secara singkat.
2.     Background events (The background): Berisi penjelasan apa yang terjadi dan menjelaskan penyebab kejadian.
3.     Sources (The rest of the news story): Berisi komentar oleh saksi – saksi pihak penguasa dan ahli terkait dengan kejadian / peristiwa tersebut.
Purpose: To inform readers, listeners, or viewers about events of the day
which are considered very important or newsworthy.

Great-great-granny gets
Master’s degree at 94

SYDNEY: A 94-year-old Australian great-great-grandmother has become the oldest person in the world to earn a masters degree, local media reported Thursday.
Phyliss Turner, described by one of her sons as having “an amazing brain”, took her masters in medical science at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.
Turner had been forced to leave school at the age of 12 to help her mother care for the family after her father abandoned them, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Nearly 60 years later she enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology at Adelaide and won a 12-month scholarship to study at the University of California.
“I entered university when I was 70 and I came top in the essay section when I did my entry exam,” said the mother of seven, who has 23 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren.
She graduated in 1986, did her honors in 2002 and then entered the university’s medical school to do her masters. – AFP
(The Jakarta Post – Aug, 2007)


Aussie, 97, world's oldest graduate

  • From: NewsCore
  • May 05, 2012 12:00AM

Allan Stewart, 97, is world's oldest university graduate. Picture: Southern Cross University Source: Supplied

AUSTRALIAN man Allan Stewart became the world's oldest graduate in 2006 at the age of 91. On Friday, he got his masters in clinical science at Southern Cross University.
"I have just been blessed with good genes," Stewart said.
The degree is his fourth.
"I think I can hang up my mortar board and academic robes after this one -- although I said that after my last degree, and then I got bored. I have so much time on my hands these days, and I like to keep mentally active," he added.
He got his degree in dentistry with honors at the University of Sydney in 1936 and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Chicago's Northwestern University before practicing in Coonabarabran in regional New South Wales, in Sydney and in London.
Stewart got a law degree from Australia's University of New England in 2006.
Sonya Brownie, one of his supervisors during his two and a half year masters program, said he is a "living legend and such a tremendous inspiration to those who aspire to age well and pursue lifelong learning."
Brownie added, "His willingness to embrace new learning technologies, and his competency using different online learning applications, is truly incredible. It was not unusual for Allan to be the first student to register in the online discussion board forums or to Skype me to discuss something about the unit."
Stewart, whose masters is in complementary medicine, said, "I wanted to apply my knowledge in the area of healthy aging -- both for myself, my family and the wider community. People are always coming to me for advice on how to live longer and healthier lives, and now I feel I have some credibility in giving out that advice."

 Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ipad/aussie-97-worlds-oldest-graduate/story-fn6bfkm6-1226347306416
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