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Author= the person who creates or begins something esp. an idea or plan; the writer of a book, newspaper article, play, poem etc.

Literary  = (typical) of literature; studying or producing literature.

Literature = written works which are of artistic value; all the books, article on a    particular subject; printed material giving information.

Prose = written language in its usual forms as opposed to poetry.

Prosaic = dull; uninteresting; lacking feeling and imagination.

Poem = a piece of writing, arranged in patterns of lines and sounds, expressing  some thought, feeling, or human experience in imaginative language.

Poet = a person who writes good or serious poems.

Poetic = of or like poets or poetry; having qualities of deep feeling and effortless expression.

Poetical = written like the form of poems.

Poetic license = the freedom of change facts, not to obey the usual rules, etc. as allowed to poets, painters, etc.

Poetic laureate = a poet appointed to the British Royal Court, who writes poems on important occasions.

Play = a piece of writing to be performed by actors in a theatre or on television or radio.

Playwright = a writer of plays; Dramatist.

Stage = the raised floor on which plays are performed in a theatre.

Stage direction = a written description of something an actor must do on the stage in performing a play.

Stage manager = the person in charge of a theatre stage during performance.

Theatre = a special building or place for the performance of plays.

Theatricals = stage performances.

Writer = a person who writes esp. as a way of earning money.

Listen to the following video, then try to understand what about it is.
Play it 3 times.

This video is created by KISS
The original voice from MP3 Review Literature - American English,USA

See more in : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shakespeare


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