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WELCOME TO KEDIRI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS – a school of international languages

WELCOME TO KEDIRI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS – a school of international languages.
English is an increasingly important international language which influences further study and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, many children do not make sufficient progress in English within normal school hours, and subsequently, there has arisen the need for out-of-school English tuition.
Most people would agree that the sooner children begin studying a language, the easier and more natural it is for them to make progress and become fluent. As such, coaching should begin when the child first begins to speak.
Recognizing this, Kediri International Schools specializing in language programs cater for children and teenagers as well as fresh graduates from 6 to 22 years of age. The programs are designed to ensure that the children acquire the skills to speak and think it in English while still young.
It was first established on 22 May 1993 in Kediri, after 17 years of operation, it has a total about 3,200 students enrolled in the institution.
The teachers are experienced and qualified instructors, tutors and teachers.
For further information please contact:
Jocelyne &  Vanity
Jln. Wisma Podomoro A/3 no 1, 64114
Kediri – East Java.
Write a letter to us, we’ll be very pleased to answer your questions
as soon as possible.
Send your e-mail to us,
We would be very pleased to answer some questions you may have.

Since 1993, “KEDIRI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS” <KISS> has dedicated its commitment to improve the quality of the competency of English for students from Elementary School up to Senior High School, and for public including university students and employers as well as employees of companies through giving a course of English in many programs.

KISS has offered many international language programs, namely:
1.   English
2.   Mandarin
3.   Dutch
4.   Japanese
5.   German
6.   French.

For English students, they can get other offered levels or groups.
Those are:
1.    SAT <Scholastic Aptitude Test>
2.    ESP <English Specific Purposes>
3.    TOEFL < Test Of English as a Foreign Language >
4.    TOEIC < Test Of English for International Communication >
5.    GMAT < Graduate Management Admission Test >
6.    GRE < Graduate Record Examination >

There are many levels offered for students. Those are:
1.   Elementary
2.   Post Elementary
3.   Intermediate
4.   Advanced level.


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