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1. Model Test of Structure

Choose the best answer.

1.     Many terrorist ___________ by security forces.
a. has shoot
b. are shooting
c.  are shot
d. have shot
e. has been shot

2.     Arrangements are ____________ to receive the visitors at the airport.
a. been made
b. making
c.  make
d. made
e. to make

3.     English ___________ by a large number of people.
a. is speaking
b. is spoke
c.  is spoken
d. is to speak
e. spoken

4.     Rubber ___________ on hill slopes.
a.     grown
b.     grew
c.      is growing
d.     is grown
e.     has grown

5.     Crocodiles ___________ in some rivers in Kalimantan.
a.     can be found
b.     can find
c.      can be finding
d.     can found
e.     can to find

6.     All the James Bond stories ___________ by Ian Flemming.
a.     were writing
b.     were written
c.      are writing
d.     has been written
e.     will be written

7.         John is interested ___________ learning English.
a.     of
b.     to
c.      in
d.     with
e.     for

8.         I am proud ___________ myself that I can win the game.
a.     in
b.     to
c.      with
d.     for
e.     of

9.         Who is responsible ___________ this duty?
a.     to
b.     for
c.      of
d.     with
e.     from

10.     I am looking forward _____________ hearing your reply.
a.     with
b.     from
c.      for
d.     of
e.     to

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. Then, write the correct one so that the sentence is meaningful.

11. The car was driving by Jim last night.
             A            B        C         D
12. Some students are interested with learning English.
        A                    B                    C       D
13. Are sure with reading it? Yes, absolutely sure.
             A    B                        C           D
14. I was inviting Tom to the party, but he does  not come
         A       B                                     C          D
15. I was inviting by Tom to the party, but I did not come
         A       B                                          C     D

Choose the best answer.

16.     “ Will you come to the meeting?”
“ If you come, I __________.”
a.     come
b.     will
c.      do
d.     am
e.     too

17.     “ What would you do if you were a millionaire?”
“ _______________, a trip around the world”
a.     I will take
b.     I would have taken
c.      I would take
d.     I took
e.     I take

18.     “ How was the party?”
“ Great, you _____________ yourself if you had come.”
a.     would be enjoying
b.     would have enjoyed
c.      enjoyed
d.     were enjoying
e.     will be enjoying

19.     “Will you tell Marry I want to see her?”
      “ I will if ______________”
a.     had seen
b.     see
c.      will see
d.     had seen
e.     seeing

20.     “ Why did you leave the job?”
      “ ___________if the pay had been better.”
a.     I will stay
b.     I have stayed
c.      I would stay
d.     I would have stayed
e.     I had stayed

21.     If he came today, I ____________see him.
a.     will have
b.     would have
c.      would
d.     will not
e.     would not have

22.     If it ____________today, I would not go to school.
a.     rains                                        
b.     rained                                      
c.      rain
d.     had rained
e.     was raining

23.     If the shun _______________, we should die.
a.     did not shine
b.     does not shine
c.      shined
d.     shone
e.     was not shining

24.     If he ________soon, he ________his uncle.
a.     returned – would have met
b.     has returned – will meet
c.      returns – will meet
d.     had returned – would have met
e.     returned – would meet

25.     If I meet him, I ______________him to the party.
a.     would invite
b.     will invite
c.      would have invited
d.     had invited
e.     invite

26.     _______________ you go by train, you can see the country.
a.     unless
b.     for
c.      as
d.     if
e.     while
27.     ______________ he helps you, you will not be able to go free.
a.     Even
b.     As
c.      Since
d.     If
e.     Unless

28.     If you jump on that chair, it ______________break.
a.     might
b.     must
c.      should
d.     will
e.     can

29.     If I __________you, I would buy that book.
a.     was
b.     is
c.      were
d.     am
e.     be

30.     If John failed, __________________with him?
a.     will his father have been angry
b.     will his father be angry
c.      would his father be angry
d.     would his father have been angry
e.     was his father angry

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
Then, write the correct one so that the sentence is meaningful.

31.     If the product was successful, the
       A                       B                                                 
      company would make a large profit.
                               C               D

32.   I will tell him the truth if he did not                       
         A                  B                   C        
show the evidence soon.

33.     If I were the boss, I would let everyone
               A                                B                 
      leave early of the summer.
          C              D

34.    Notify the students right away if the teacher
         A                                B              C  
       be late.  

35.    If I was you, I would work hard for a
 A      B                          C  

Choose the best answer.

36.     “I could have asked somebody else to carry that box.” The sentence means:
a.     I carried that box.
b.     Somebody else carried that box.
c.      I asked someone to carry that box.
d.     I would ask someone to carry that box.
e.     I didn’t want to carry that box.

37.     Sandra has an examination today, but I saw her at the basketball game last night.
       She _____________ have been studying for her examination.
a.     must
b.     might
c.      could
d.     should
e.     would

38.     She had the obligation to give the money, but she didn’t do. She ___________ the money.
a.     might have been
b.     will be giving
c.      could give
d.     shall have given
e.     should have given

39.     “He might not have received our message.”
      It means:
a.     I conclude that he did not receive our message.
b.     I am sure that he did not receive our message.
c.      Perhaps he did not receive our message.
d.     It was impossible that he did not receive our message.
e.     There is not any possibility that he had received our message.

40.     “I don’t understand why Budi didn’t come to the meeting.”
       “There ______ something wrong with him.”
a.     might be
b.     could be
c.      will be
d.     should have been
e.     must have been

41.     I saw someone smoking at the petrol station, so I said:
a.     “You need not smoke here!”
b.     “You need not have smoked here!”
c.      “You can not have smoked here!”
d.     “You must not smoke here!”
e.     “You can smoke not here!”

42.     Fonda lived in Japan for ten years.
       She ____ be able to speak Japanese fluently.
a.     must
b.     will
c.      can
d.     might
e.     should
43.     Nicholas apologized to his teacher; _______ the teacher let him attend his class.
a.     then
b.     on the contrary
c.      nevertheless
d.     also
e.     accordingly

44.     The committee allowed all members to postpone their tour; ______________ they could finish their regular projects.
a.     in the meantime
b.     on the contrary
c.      as a result
d.     in fact
e.     consequently

45.     Please show me __________________.
a.     how this problem should be done
b.     how should this problem be done
c.      how should problem this be done
d.     how should be done this problem
e.     how this should be done problem

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. Then, write the correct one so that the sentence is meaningful.

46.     According with the latest report, there
                   A                    B      
       were many road accidents this year.                 
         C                                        D

47.     In spite the rain, he insisted going to the
           A               B              C        D

48.     I like living in metropolitan cities as such
                  A                  B             C        D
       Jakarta, Sydney or Singapore.

49.     The guitar can play the instrument well, and
                  A             B          
      he can make the audience flabbergasted.       
                 C                                  D

50.     I will ask my server to help you take the  suitcases.
                 A            B           C            D

Choose the best answer.

51.     “I had my watch repaired.” Means:
a.     I had repaired my watch.
b.     I had my watch repair.
c.      My watch had to be repaired.
d.     I asked someone to repair my watch.
e.     I had to repair my watch.

52.     “Mr. Hadi had the letter translated in ten minutes.” Means:
a.     Mr. Hadi wanted the letter to be translated in ten minutes.
b.     Mr. Hadi could translate the letter in ten minutes.
c.      Mr. Hadi let his secretary translate the letter in ten minutes.
d.     Mr. Hadi had translated the letter in ten minutes.
e.     Mr. Hadi finished translating the letter in ten minutes.

53.         The teacher has the children _______________ to the passage twice.
a.     listen
b.     listened
c.      listening
d.     to listen
e.     have listen

54.     “Do you make your own dress?”
      “Yes, but sometimes I ______________.”
have to make them.
have made them
have them made
have made for them
make them
55.     “Mahmud had the oil of his car changed yesterday.” Means:
“He changed the oil of his car.”
“He had to change the oil of car.”
“Someone changed the oil of his car.”
“He would have changed the oil of his car.”
“Someone asked Mahmud to change the oil of his car.”

56.     Because she is ill, she wants _____________ into her room.
a.     to have breakfast brought
b.     to have brought her breakfast
c.      she brings her breakfast
d.     she has brought her breakfast
e.     having her breakfast brought

57.     He will let the man _______________ the car in front of the house.
a.     parked
b.     park
c.      to park
d.     parking
e.     parks

58.     I like the girl _____________ on the right.
a.     sitting
b.     sat
c.      to sit
d.     sits
e.     is sitting

59.     Did you see the soldier ____________ down the street?
a.     marched
b.     marches
c.      to march
d.     marching
e.     to marching

60.     I ought _____________ before the class is over because of my sickness.
a.     go
b.     to go
c.      going
d.     to going
e.     went
61.     I don’t want to come to the party ___________ I have no invitation card.
a.     despite
b.     in spite of
c.      because of
d.     because
e.     when

62.     I don’t understand anything ____________ the teacher has explained three times.
a.     because of
b.     although
c.      in spite of
d.     despite
e.     since

63.     ____________ the rain, I will go to the meeting.
a.     Despite
b.     Because of
c.      Because
d.     However
e.     Since

64.     ___________ it is very hard to understand, I’ll try do my best.
a.     Though
b.     Because
c.      Since
d.     When
e.     For
65.     He promised ____________  but he didn’t appear in the meeting.
a.     to come
b.     coming
c.      come
d.     comes
e.     came

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. Then, write the correct one so that the sentence is meaningful.

66.     He had the washing machine repair so that
              A             B                         C     
      he could use it again.                  

67.     Both a term paper and a final exam is
         A                          B                C      
       required for English.

68.     General Lee had General Grant to meet him
                             A                    B        C 
       at the conference.

69.     Despite of the pills which are available,
           A                           B        
       many people still have trouble sleeping.                                                                 
                                     C                     D

70.     Because the movement of the stars, the
           A                                 B      
      planets in the universe are dynamic.                           
              C                            D


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