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 Materi Discussion text ini untuk kelas XII SMA/MA semester ganjil.

Bila anda ingin menyatakan pendapat untuk didiskusikan dengan cara berdebat anda bisa menggunakan Text Discussion. Berikut contoh Text Discussion: Dalam Text Discussion ada bagian – bagian:
1.   Issue: Berisi tentang hal atau issue yang akan didiskusikan/diperdebatkan.
2.   Arguments: Berisi pernyataan – pernyataan “Pros” (Setuju) dan “Cons” (tidak setuju).
3.   Elaboration: Berisi tentang penjelasan atau bukti – bukti untuk mendukung issue tersebut.
4.   Conclusion: Berisi tentang kesimpulan sebagai penulis yang mengungkapkan issue tersebut.

Generic Structure:
·           Issue
        It contains an issue that will be discussed
·           Arguments
        It contains a statement ‘Pros’ or ‘Cons’ to the issue
·           Elaboration
        It contains explanation or evidence to support the issue
·           Conclusion
        It contains a conclusion as the writer proposes to the issue

Purpose: To explore various perspectives before making an informed   decision  To present information and opinions about more than one side of an  issue (‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ points of view)


The question of owning handguns always raises a lot of discussion in this country. Some people are pros and some are cons. Here are some pros and cons of the topic.
Owning handguns is something important for people living in this country.
It is a very violent country. There are many crazy people out there. There would probably be just as many murders even if we did ban handguns. That is why people should have the right to defend or protect themselves.
On the other hand, some people think it unnecessary for people to have handguns. 
They argue why the people have to defend themselves. That is what the police do for. Violence breeds more violence. If people are allowed to have handguns, the murder rate goes up drastically every year.
However, the people still have the right to protect themselves. If someone tries to break into a house – and that happened – they never know what the guy plans to do once he gets inside. That is they need a gun.
Meanwhile, according to the recent surveys show that there are nearly 40,000 people every year who are murdered with handguns. Guns should be outlawed immediately. 
Moreover, there is something like 16,000 accidents in homes every year involving handguns. It is not the thieves who get killed. It is mothers, fathers, and kids.
Based on the facts, to sum up, the owning of handguns needs a careful consideration to apply in public and needs more law systems to be changed and upheld the regulation firmly.
- Compiled from Various sources


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