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 by Achmad Baihaqi (Bilingual Version)
Bila anda ingin membuat Pengumuman atau Propaganda, anda bisa melihat itu dalam text Analytical  Exposition. Dalam text ini berisi kalimat yang mempengaruhi pembaca dengan memberikan argumen dan mengarahkan sipembaca untuk mengikuti atau mempengaruhi pola pikir / pendapatnya.:
Dalam text ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION  ada bagian-bagian:
1.    A thesis yaitu topik yang dibicarakan.
2.    Arguments yaitu penjelasan atau argumen untuk mendukung topik / thesis.
3.    Reiteration yaitu penyataan ulang dari topic yang diungkapkan diawal.


Purpose: To persuade the readers by forwarding arguments. To analyze or elaborate ‘how’ and ‘why’

Generic Structure:
·         A thesis
        It contains a topic that will be discussed
·         Arguments
It consists of the elaboration or explanation as arguments to support the topic in a thesis.
·         Reiteration
It contains a re-statement of the writer dealing with the topic given in the early thesis.

The Importance of having a dictionary

I have been thinking for a long time. How can I be clever at mastering a language? All of sudden, a   sort of novel idea comes to my mind. It is a good dictionary what language learners need to have. Why is it so?
Firstly, a good dictionary can help you. When you learn a language, you are actually learning words, thousands of words. All words are available in the dictionary.
Secondly, a good dictionary also contains a lot of patterns of words or grammatical patterns. You can look up the patterns in the dictionary.
Thirdly, a good dictionary is the best teacher. The reason of this is very simple. When you find new words out of class or school, your teacher is not always there to help you. Who else can help you there? That is the dictionary.
Fourthly, a good dictionary can be a good friend any time, anywhere, because you can carry and read it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the middle of the night whether in the studying room, in the living room, out of class, out of house or where ever you stay.
Thus, based on the facts above I can conclude that every language learner must require a good dictionary.


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