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Youths Speak Up

Youths Speak Up..

How to be smart


To be a smart student is always expected by many parents. But not all children will always be able to meet all parents’ will or hopes.
The following articles are students’ opinions in 3 big cities through telephone calls surveys:
Johan (18), a third grade of SMA in Surabaya; Students can be smart if they are diligent to study all lessons from teachers, but I understand that students have a very limited time to restudy them. Since the time of studying is full from 6.30 a.m. till 4.00 p.m., surely after school they all feel completely tired even exhausted. So for me I have some tricks to handle my time. Here are some suggestions that can be followed by other students: 
  1. We must keep our time well by making a time table.
  2. We must do the time table well.
  3. We have to take a single book of lesson in hand wherever we are.
  4. We don’t have to feel embarrassed to open the book to learn from.
  5. We should be discipline for everything we do.


Salsa (17), a second grade student of SMA in Malang; I think to be smart, students can learn not only the lessons we have got in schools but also those of out of schools.
For example: if we want to know how to understand English, we have to study English outside of school through private lesson or an informal English institution. Surely from the institutions we can increase and enlarge our knowledge. Many institutions know better how to master English than our school teachers. Besides taking a course we can learn from any sources of knowledge such as radios, televisions, newspapers, magazines, or through internets.
Thus, I can suggest as follows:
  1. We must be diligent.
  2. We must take more lessons outside schools.
  3. We don’t have to take all lessons but only some that we really don’t understand.
  4. We had better spend time reading any sources of knowledge
  5. We have to keep our health fit so it will help us easy to learn everything.

Budhiman (16), a first grade student of SMK in Solo; I don’t think that all lessons have to take some courses. It is very difficult for me, but I can learn it though schools. Since I am an SMK student, I don’t find any lesson form institutions that support my study in school except through workshop or garages and industries. For me, I must practice it well. I am one of building construction department students. No institution will offer me experience but taking part in building construction worker in my city.  I have some tricks to be smart:
  1. We have to practice outside school.
  2. We have to be brave to ask for something we don’t understand.
  3. We must sharpen our brain through observing something.
  4. We must use our five senses well.
  5. We should be welcome to accept any criticism from others.

Practice makes perfect
Means: By practicing regularly and constantly, eventually we can master everything we learn.

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